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Shari Robertson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Specializes In: Rehabilitative Massage, Relaxation

Shari Robertson
Therapeutic Massage

Shari Robertson LMT is a state medical board of Ohio Massage Therapist. She graduated from Miami Jacobs and received her license in 2015.

She is currently trained in neuromuscular therapies such as sports therapy, deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point. She is also a certified migraine practioner and is currently training to work as a yoga instructor.

She works with her clients and focuses on alignment, mobility, balance, and pain relief. She believes that the whole body benefits from stillness and awareness of how a person moves is equally important. She encourages her clients to learn how to be self-aware as she believes self-awareness is very powerful for self-healing.


Monday 4pm-7:30pm

Tuesday 4pm - 8pm

Thursday 4pm-7:30pm

Friday 1:30pm-4:30pm


Cell: Text 937.361.2444

Office: Text 937.441.8031

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