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Services: About
Massage + Cupping

30/45 Minutes - 1 area of complaint

60/75 Minutes - 1 or 2 areas of complaint

90/120 Minutes - 2 or 3 areas of complaint 

30 Minutes   $60

45 Minutes   $85

60 Minutes   $110

75 Minutes   $130

90 Minutes   $150

120 Minutes   $200

**plus sales tax

Massage + Cupping

Cupping is used to create space between tissues for blood and oxygen to flow to an area correctly and efficiently.  When someone gets marks after a cupping session that's just an indicator of where old blood was not getting filtered through the body correctly.  Cupping pulls that old blood to the surface to be flushed through the body and brings new blood and oxygen to that area to help muscles recover quicker.


This session incorporates dynamic cupping in with the massage. Dynamic cupping is different than stationary cupping, we are going to use the cups as a tool to move around and feel where the muscle tissue is stuck. Dynamic cupping also works mainly with pinpointing trigger points and adding in active/passive stretching to release that area and help relieve pain.


According to Ohio State regulations, massage therapy services are subject to sales tax. Tax can be waived with a note from your doctor/chiropractor.  Ask your doctor/chiropractor for a note that massage is essential for your care.  Bring the note to your next appointment and it will be added to your file (doctors notes are good for a year).
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