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Melanie Cummings

Licensed Massage Therapist

Specializes In: Rehabilitative Massage, Cupping Therapy

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About: About

In my six years as a licensed massage therapist, there is one thing I have learned - every person and every body that comes through my door is different; a different set of needs and different responses to massage. This has driven my love for my work as well as continuing education; a desire to have various training and tools under my belt. I love helping a client find the relief they've been searching for. 
I specialize in clients who are in search of relief from chronic pain, clients recovering from surgeries/injuries, athletes and youth athletes. 
I use a variety of tools to give my clients the most out of their session. Sessions can include work with a massage gun, Graston tools, trigger point work, stretching, cupping therapy and more. 
I enjoy talking with clients, forming a plan, adjusting as needed (learning what works for them and what doesn't), and helping them find relief!


Monday 9am-1pm

Tuesday 9am-3pm

Wednesday 9am-3pm

Thursday 9am-3pm


Cell: Text/Call 937.510.1628

Office: Text 937.441.8031

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