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It's not a luxury, it's a lifestyle.

Welcome to Align Massage + Wellness!

Align is a sports massage, targeted work, and rehabilitative massage practice.

Do I have to be an athlete to get a massage at Align?

Absolutely not!  Sports massage is not just for athletes.  Sports massage involves working on a targeted area and surrounding areas to try to relieve tension, help injuries heal, and increase mobility.  This type of treatment involves deep tissue, trigger point, and active and passive stretching, as well as some relaxation techniques.  Some of our LMTs may also use cupping and/or muscle scrapping to help loosen muscles up.

We work with several athletes to help them stay in peak performance.  We also work on people who have chronic/acute pain, old injuries, or want to improve mobility.

Our primary goal is to create the best treatment plan for your lifestyle.

Let's see how we can help you!



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