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It's not a luxury, it's a lifestyle.

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Welcome to Align Massage + Wellness!

Our primary goal at Align is to create the best treatment plan for your lifestyle.  Whether that be relaxation or rehabilitative massage.

We work with people who have chronic/acute pain, old injuries, pre and post surgery, and want to improve mobility.  We work with several athletes to help them stay in peak performance.  And we also work with people who need the space to relax for an hour.

Align Massage + Wellness
Align Massage + Wellness

Our LMTs each have different skill sets.


Muscle Scraping

Headache and Migraine Specialized

Myofascial Release 

Mobility Methods

We each continue to learn more and educate ourselves so we can further help our clients.

Contact us and we can find the right LMT to help you!

Team At Align
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